Oreo Cheesecake.


Such an indulgent treat this one! If you are a Oreo fan this is perfect treat for you.

I used a 9inch spring form tin for this one.

So lets start by  having  your cream cheese to room temperature.

Your going to need:

4 x 8oz packages of cream cheese at room temp

1 cup castor sugar – I used 1/2 cup as the Oreos are sweet anyway!

1 tsp vanilla

4 eggs

2 rows of Oreos! I know this isn’t a great description! single packet x 2 is what I mean!

Pull the cookies apart place the piece with the filling on in one bowl then the more plain side in your whizz or blender and grind up to a crumb.

Place the Oreo crumbs into a bowl and mix in enough melted butter (75grms+/-)  till you can squeeze the mix into a ball and it doesn’t just crumble up and make a mess!

Press the Oreo crumb into the base of your lined spring form tin. Set aside while you prep the filling.

Now your going to place the cream cheese into a stand mixer if you have and using the paddle attachment or you can used a hand mixer or your really strong arm!  add in the sugar and mix till smooth then add the eggs one by one mixing well add vanilla then the crumbled up Oreos left over.

Pour the filling over the base and then bake for 45-55mins depending on your oven till just set in the centre, just a little jiggle.

Leave to cool on the bench, once cold place in the fridge overnight or for at least 4 hrs till cold and set well.


Once cooled enjoy!!!


Happy Oreo Cheesecake making!

Get in touch any questions!

With love

Cupcake xx





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