Weekend LOVE!

You know when you just have one of  those weekends that make your heart smile and you just never want them to end! well I just had one of those…. in Paris! the city of LOVE!

Amazing food and foodie shops! I spent hours trawling the streets and aisles of shops for new t0ols and toys to create some exciting new ideas! Bagel trays and chocolate moulds etc!!!

It was a cool crisp weekend with -5 being rather hard to deal with but the sunshine and blue skies made it all ok.

I sat in the park ate pastries and drank coffees, just taking it all in.

On Saturday night I went to a small little restaurant near my hotel that is run by 2 young guys who are not chefs, but they are doing simple food  and doing it so well! The food is delicious the vibe was amazing! and the wine and beer selection was great for such a small place, some yummy french red wine and light Belgium beers!!

Nights like this spent with complete strangers who by the end of the night seem like long lost friends you’ve finally found again make me truly appreciate the amazing life that I have chosen to live.

We laughed and we joked…… mostly in English,  I got some of the French bits amongst themselves! I watched as they varnished tables, listened to the tales of there life in Paris we swapped travel stories and menu ideas,  we  talked of dreams and what we plan to do with our lives.

They say its the nights that you don’t plan where  you will  have the best times, well in this case it was so  very true, I left Paris with a HUGE smile on my face so happy that I went and explored and made new friends along the way.

I think this quote sums it up quite nicely.

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show”

cupcake x