Hedgehog Slice.

This slice takes me back to my childhood, my Nana used to make this and also a version of this with raisins in that I loved!!!

One piece was never enough.

I now make this slice randomly for my crew.

The recipe I have has some from the back of a box of  Cadbury Bournville  Cocoa Powder years ago.

once you have made it you will see that you too can add in some extra bits if you wish, just not too many as it will dry out and not set otherwise.



Hope that you enjoy this delicious slice as much as I do.


Cupcake. xx



These are all shots from a recent weekend in Palma.

Where I gained so much inspiration from a lovely Chef that I have spent a few days with in the past.

Its amazing to work with someone for a day and just cook food and plate it different ways, bounce ideas, what you’d do, what they would do, what works what doesn’t work etc.

It really helps me to think of new ideas and look at things from a different angle, sometimes in life and and working on yachts as a sole chef you can get quite caught up in your vision of whats right and that seems to be the only way, when in fact there are some many other options!!

I came away from the weekend with new ideas, new places to shop, so much energy and inspiration for the season ahead.

everyday is a school day,

theres always more than one way to skin a cat if you will!!

cupcake. xx

Da Laura.

My all time Fav Coffee spot in Cannes!

a small little italian restaurant on Rue Hoche.

BEST coffee in town without a doubt, i’m such a local now i can ride up on my trusty bicycle pebbles, take a seat and my cafe cream will arrive at the table with nothing more than a “bonjour!”

Carrot and Lentil Salad.

img_5112This colourful and delicious salad is super easy and so tasty!

Here I used some of the beautiful purple yellow and orange carrots that I found at the local market.

You will need:

2 Granny Smith apples

5 Orange carrots

3 Purple carrots

3 Yellow carrots

handful of roughly chopped parsley

half a handful of pumpkin/sunflower seeds

can of lentils rinsed and drained.

take all the carrots and the apples and slice to the size of matchsticks either carefully on a mandolin or by hand, or you can spirilize them also if you wish!

Place in a large bowl with the lentils, toss and season with salt and pepper add in the parsley and the seeds.

I dress this salad with a simple avocado oil, you can add sesame seeds and dress with a little sesame oil if you wish.

you can also throw in some cranberries/raisins depending on your flavour preference.

So many options for a delicious salad.


Hope you enjoy.





here is a easy and tasty quick salad for lunches or dinners on a hot summer night.


What you’ll need:

1 Broccoli head, cut and steamed to al dente- still crunchy!

pumpkin seeds 1/4 cup

preserved ginger 3 pieces – only small

1 block Halloumi cheese, sliced and grilled.

once you  have cut and cooked these items up toss them gently in a bowl together seasoning with some salt and pepper, drizzle over some balsamic vinegar reduction.

you can also add some cherry tomatoes, quinoa puffs, whatever your heart desires.

I hope you enjoy.



Raw Pad Thai Salad.

img_4894I’ve been asked for recipes lately….so figured it was time I got onto this and gave the blog some love and you some ideas to work with.

This simple raw pad Thai salad was born out of ideas of what to make when you have no power as the boat was in the shipyard and we were welding so the galley was isolated of any power source!

Hopefully I get this write… I don’t write recipes that often!


3 capsicum – 1 of each colour. (bell peppers) sliced thin, like matchsticks.

2 courgettes/zucchini use a spirilizer make noodle ribbons with them.

3 Carrots sliced into matchsticks – I do this carefully with a Mandoline.

handful of roughly chopped corriander

handful of roughly chopped parsely

cherry tomatoes cut into 1/4’s any colour you have – 1/2 cup

raw peanuts- unsalted-  1/4 cup.

mung bean sprouts – generous handful – if you like them!

prep and toss all the raw vegetable goodness into a large bowl, dont  mix lightly.

season with salt and pepper.

For the Peanut Dressing.

4TBSP peanut butter- the crunchy kind.

3TBSP low sodium soy sauce

3-4 TBSP water depending on how thick you want your dressing.

mix together in a small bowl until you get what your after then dress you salad, toss one last time, serve and ENJOY!