Raw Pad Thai Salad.

img_4894I’ve been asked for recipes lately….so figured it was time I got onto this and gave the blog some love and you some ideas to work with.

This simple raw pad Thai salad was born out of ideas of what to make when you have no power as the boat was in the shipyard and we were welding so the galley was isolated of any power source!

Hopefully I get this write… I don’t write recipes that often!


3 capsicum – 1 of each colour. (bell peppers) sliced thin, like matchsticks.

2 courgettes/zucchini use a spirilizer make noodle ribbons with them.

3 Carrots sliced into matchsticks – I do this carefully with a Mandoline.

handful of roughly chopped corriander

handful of roughly chopped parsely

cherry tomatoes cut into 1/4’s any colour you have – 1/2 cup

raw peanuts- unsalted-  1/4 cup.

mung bean sprouts – generous handful – if you like them!

prep and toss all the raw vegetable goodness into a large bowl, dont  mix lightly.

season with salt and pepper.

For the Peanut Dressing.

4TBSP peanut butter- the crunchy kind.

3TBSP low sodium soy sauce

3-4 TBSP water depending on how thick you want your dressing.

mix together in a small bowl until you get what your after then dress you salad, toss one last time, serve and ENJOY!






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