Embracing Change

Some of you will already  know that I am working towards a  holistic health coach certification currently with Integrative Nutrition out of the USA.

Health and Nutrition has  always interested me, especially as a chef taking care of people via food has been my life. On boats I understand that the crew are eating what I cook for them and that is  the only option they really have so it needs to be a balanced and healthy menu.

After watching The Game Changers recently a lot of the crew have moved to a more plant based diet, eating a lot less red meat and noticing the effects with weight loss, higher energy levels just to name a few.


Through this course I have to conduct some health history surveys and practice what it will be like to work with clients in the long run, so if any of you reading this would like to do a health history for free to help me get some experience please send me a private message with your email address and I will be in touch.

My first exam is this week so thats going to take priority, then the boat getting ready to leave the USA heading south for the Caribbean for the season!

But I will do my best to get back to all of you with the forms to take a look at and then we can find a way to chat either online or if your near me we can meet in person, it will take about 50 minutes to complete the session.


Happy Monday to you all and I hope you have a beautiful week.


Cupcake. xxIMG_2926





Be present, make tea, chat.

IMG_0575As usual there has been radio silence again, all my plans to update this while on vacation went out the window  as I was just too busy living my best life with the people that mean so much to me.


I’ve found myself reflecting on how amazing it is to be able to travel as I do, all over the place. To have friends in multiple places and the fact that we can go years without seeing each other and then pick up right where we left off.

The yachting industry attracts the gypsy souls that love the adventure, so to be able to move around an catch up with dear friends over cups of tea, a few glasses of cava or playing cards can just be the best idea ever.

I flew out of Boston a few weeks ago to Barcelona then onto Palma then Cannes before a trip to Ireland then into London before flying back to Miami to work. (Miami airport is still one of the worst to fly into in terms of lengthy delays to get through immigration so avoid at all costs if you can!!!)

There were a few catchups with friends that weren’t planned but due to the powers of the magic social media we saw we were in the same place and managed to connect.

So once again I am so grateful for the powers of those avenues that bring people together especially when your phone number is never the same for long!

Another reflection was that as I went to places that I had already been to I was content just to sit and read books, rather than rush around exploring so it was a true filling the cup kinda trip.

The fresh markets in Cannes were also a highlight, being in the states the fresh markets are few and far between compared to Europe, I indulged in fresh juicy figs, got myself a baguette with that flakey salty butter and it was all delicious.