Wrapping up 2019!

Better late than never! A quick note on 2019!


Reunited on my return to the USA with some of my best friends. xx

Well as with the end of the year comes reflection this year its the end of a decade so it brings even more weight with it this time around.

I ‘m not even sure where to start, theres been so much growth and change that its hard to even put it down on paper, or type the words shall I say.

2019 has been one of a kind with some big lessons and I guess you could say an awakening.

I started the year in the far north of NZ finally teaching a little yoga and exploring a part of NZ that I had not been to since I was 10 years old, next came INDIA…and yes there is reason for the shouty capitals.

You either love it or you hate it but mother INDIA for me has changed my life, not only the yoga (#ashtanga and lotus for life!) I don’t even know if I can explain what is was, but if you’ve been and loved it, you’ll know what I mean!


Lotus 2019 Sampoorna Agonda. RIP to the beautiful Bernie who left us just before Christmas.


The people the place, the food!!! and yes I was vegetarian the whole time I was there and didn’t miss meat at all!

The magic of places like India is you feel like you have known people forever its a connection like no other.

After India I returned to NZ briefly to pack up my life once again and head back to the SOF to La Ciotat to join a SY as rotational head chef, this was my shortest contract to date the day I started was also the day it was terminated! Thanks for that Moroccan Navy!

So I then moved back to Palma to stay with some amazing friends and start the job search again.

Next up came the chance to return to the east coast of the USA where I had started yachting 12 years ago, once I got the visa it was all go! Going back to places I had last been all those years ago but in a very different place felt like life has come full circle for sure.

Exploring Nova Scotia and Newfoundland was truly breath taking as you can see by the whale below thanks to the captain for getting some amazing shots, it really was a once in a lifetime chance to see things off the beaten path.


2019 has seen some big lessons learnt also, some sad moments of family and friends passing, that feeling of being so far from home when those close to you are unwell and you wish you could just show up and be with them.

What I have taken out of this year and the journey so far, make the time to visit the friends and family, send the message and reach out as you just never know what people are going through. Be kind always.

More than ever we are craving connection, the eye contact when we chat, the listening to what each other have to say, and to pay attention to what is being said! Be Present.

I didn’t buy many gifts this year, those that I did were more food items that can be shared while spending time with loved ones, and those food items came from small stand alone businesses.

I also donated 2 hampers to the food bank in nz as more than ever the struggle for some families to get food on the table is just too much at this time of the year.

So as I get ready to finish out this year with the Guests onboard sailing around some Caribbean islands, I want to wish you all the best for 2020.

Be the change you want to see, in whatever way that may be for you, listen with open ears, make eye contact, notice the small things cos one day you’ll look back and they are the big things.

with love

Cupcake. x







2 thoughts on “Wrapping up 2019!

  1. Thanks for the wrap Jackie. What a year you have had. Yes an end of a decade. A real family decade for me. 3 weddings and 5 granddaughters. The wee grandies have given me so much joy, love and patience. Looking forward to the next decade. A big one for us. Retirement sometime this year. Building a new house and moving to Thames. Closer to my happy place. Life is good. Take care and keep the posts coming. Fabulous morning this morning in Kuo. Live, laugh, love.



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