Easy Peasy Lemon Cake.

This is one of those throw it all in the mixer and she’ll be right mate kinda cakes!

You do have to follow the ingredient list as there is a method to the madness in how this all works out and it comes out mixed and ready for your cake tin!

I have used this recipe many times and added lemon or lime curd as a filling, frosted with meringue frosting and torched, or just the basic lemon – icing sugar frosting, as a Sole yacht chef at times you are really up against the clock to get things made and out on tight time frames so these easy quick cakes are my go to during those times.

This cake also works well as cupcakes or mini loaves, I have also baked it in a thin layer and used pieces as a base to build desserts on. It really is such a versatile cake.

What you are going to need here and let me tell you again its very important to stick to the order of what’s going on here…the ingredients need to go into your whizz in the order they are listed here.

120grm softened unsalted butter

1 cup plain AP Flour

3 teaspoon Baking Powder

2/3 cup Castor Sugar

2 Eggs at room temp

4 tablespoons of whole milk

grated rind of 2 lemons, juice of 1 lemon.

Preheat your oven to 180’C.

Grease and Line your baking tin, can be any shape your heart desires! Or a cupcake pan.

So what your doing here is put the ingredients into the whizz/food processor in the order they are listed.

Blend for 15 – 20 Seconds MAX!!

Pour the mix into your tin and bake for 20-25mins or until cooked through.

Now the world is your oyster and you can decorate the cake however you wish.

If you need any hints or tips or ideas on how to decorate, please reach out.

with love now and always

Cupcake xxx