Summer dreaming.


So once again I have been so bad at keeping this updated but I’m back and we are on land with some super speedy wifi so I don’t really have any excuse now do I!!


We are back in the yard in Newport RI, for those of you that don’t know this is where my yacht chef journey began about 13 years ago. So to come back in here has been rather nostalgic for me.

Im in a very different place and different job to when I was here the first time around, but Newport is still just the same and its been  ever so special to catch up with some old friends from my early days here.

The more I travel around the USA the more I realise why some people don’t ever leave the country, each state is so unique in its own way that you really don’t have too!

This summer took me to places and to see things I would only have dreamed of, thats for another post later on!!


I wasn’t sure on returning to the Usa as my love for Europe is so strong, but here I am, and its safe to say its been emotional and a journey of coming full circle.

I’m now working on one of the white boats I only looked at with dreamy eyes back then, I have the big galley, the continuous hot water and the air con! small things in life!

So stand by to see whats coming up, theres been a lot of investment into myself after this summer season, I’ve started a holistic health coach course also and I can’t wait to share with all of you what comes my way with this.

Big Plans, Big Dreams!

cupcake. x



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