The Game Changers

A week ago now I found out about a local open air movie that was on.

The Game Changers, safe to say its been a game changer alright.

We went along as a crew with very open minds and not a lot of idea what this was going to be about except looking at the views of protein.

Well out of 10 crew we now have 6 who are either pescatarian or vegetarian.

The impact of this film on the boys has been rather interesting to watch, maybe it was in the delivery that got them to think about the amount of meat they are consuming, I’m not sure but it has definitely made them think twice about the amount of animal protein they are eating.


I have over the last few years also cut down in the amount of red meat I have been eating, in India earlier this year I was vegetarian for the 6 weeks that I was there, more so to avoid the deli belly than anything but it did get me thinking and made me realise that I didn’t miss meat all that much.

Returning to NZ I didn’t feel like the pile of lamb chops I would have normally eaten once I’m home with a bbq at hand.

Changing eating habits takes time and what suits one may not always suit another, its a process of trial and error.

What I do know is that I have changed my view on vegetables and create more salads that I now feel like eating over avoiding.

Salad to me used to be lettuce tomato and cucumber, now it can range from pumpkin to beetroot to couscous, theres so many options with some many delicious combos.

Being in the Usa there are also a lot of plant based protein products available, meatballs, burgers, sausages etc.

Meat free Mondays are slowly making a take over… I still cook some chicken or a little meat as there are a few who won’t let go completely and live on vegetables just for one day, but were are making progress one meal at a time!!


So maybe give it a go, meat free Monday or if thats easy cut out another option later in the week, try have one meat free meal a day, so many options and its really not that difficult once you get started.

happy veggies!

cupcake. x


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