Sharing is caring.

Today I’m feeling the love for the amazing community online that day in day out support each other no matter what is going on.

Now I know this doesn’t happen  all the time, there can also be some really awful things go down via keyboard warriors.

However in the Chef world of super yachts at the moment I feel there is a fabulous support network for all chefs, every one is asking questions and getting answers helpful tips and so on.

There are quite a few groups on facebook and instagram.

The Superyacht Chef is new amazing platform that is sharing pics/posts and creating new inspiration and relationships through someone seeing the pic then following that person.

I’ll never forget the first person to reach out to me via instagram was the lovely Lauren from @sailingfooddiaries we were both in St Tropez at the time, I received a message saying if your around be cool to meet up and put a face to the name. I was so excited to meet the person behind this, it seemed such a foreign concept to me to just reach out to a stranger and get in touch, so I’m ever so grateful to Lauren for doing so in creating conversation and even though we have only met briefly on the dock in St Tropez we are in touch often and its so nice to have the support just a message away! I’ve since then done the same to others and met some beautiful souls along the way.

Recently I have  been in touch with a few other Chef friends via the social media channels about recipes/ ideas etc and its nice to see the change in the industry of one of sharing and helping each other out. I remember a time when getting recipes off Chefs was like getting blood out of a stone!

I was told by a crew agent that the nature of the head chefs currently is more along the lines of  sharing ideas and grooming the sous chef to become there own head chef down the line rather than what we saw in the past of the sous chef being just for crew food, often now the sous chef will be responsible for canapés and guest dessert while assisting the head chef with the starters and mains. This is so exciting!!


So please keep sharing and inspiring each other, its just amazing I know myself I gain so much from seeing others posts and trying new recipes that I see posted from other chefs.


Bon weekend.

Cupcake xxIMG_1889



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