New Beginnings.

Well once again a epic fail in the keeping this blog up to date!!!

The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least.

In trusting that everything is how is should be and what will be will be, I’ve ended up back in the mighty USA with a job!

Who would have thought after all those years in Europe I’d relocate back to where It all began…I didn’t think so anyway!

I flew out to the Bahamas joined this new boat prior to a boss trip with new owners, stressful to say the least!

I realised how all my work with yoga, meditation and breathing to keep me calm came into play and how I no longer had time for these in my days, but don’t worry I’m back to finding that flow now.

I’ve taken the last 8 months off from the world that is yachting to focus on travel yoga and some serious me time, reading books, googling random things I’ve always wanted to know about, drinking tea and watching the days pass by dreaming.

To come back straight into a boat gearing up for a boss trip was a snap back in to the reality that is this world, the long hours the stress we place upon ourselves and the lack of time and space for ourselves during this time.

I’m feeling very lucky to have got another visa for the USA and to land this job taking me back to where is all began for me, Newport RI is our next stop, I started on boats there 13 years ago on Sailing yachts, I would look at these big white boats and wonder.

So its going to be a emotional and nostalgic time to return back up that way.

Until then I’m making the most of south Florida the excitement of the USA the abundance of being able to do anything and every thing when one feels like it.

To try all the different foods, create meals with all sorts of ingredients.

As long as I don’t melt in the heat and humidity, theres a reason people avoid Florida at this time of the year!!

as always I’m going to make more of an effort to keep this updated and share with you my life here in the USA.

last night was Hootie and the blow fish concert, my first live concert in I’m not even sure how long! theres a video in my instagram! they were amazing !!

hope your all having a wonderful Sunday funday! here’s to surviving my first week back in the USA!!!

cupcake x


IMG_1321 5

Waffles with buttermilk fried chicken and bacon…just your casual Sunday brunch!


75E18C37-B614-4B2A-B59C-2E31F3CD16E2 3

check out that sunset behind the stage at Hootie and the blow fish. AMAZING!!!


Celebrating my return to the USA and over 10years of friendship with these absolute babes. Thats one of the biggest things I love in this industry its been years between catch ups but it feels just like yesterday!


BBQ flavoured ribs, coleslaw and potato salad, so American, so delicious!



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