Baking with Bets


If you have not yet managed to get onboard with the buzz that is Magnolia Kitchen, maybe your living under a rock, or just outside of NZ.

I can’t remember how or why I came across the magical instagram account, I’m guessing due to my love of baking and all things sugar coated along with a dash of sass and bucket loads of creativity. Bernadette (bets) is just so straight up spade is a spade kinda girl and I love the way she has written this cook book.

IMG_0244 hot x buns

These are my first attempt at the Brioche Hot X Bun recipe out of the Magnolia Kitchen cook book.


Lemon Poppy seed loaf – this loaf is seriously so easy and very quick to get mixed up and in the oven.



this is the kinda thing I’m talking about that I love about this cook book.

Written in language that we all understand and can relate to.

Theres no doubt you’ll be hearing more from me on this cookbook and amazing lady.

I kinda want to be friends with Bets, she sounds like someone I’d get along with.

happy baking y’all

Cupcake x




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