Making Macarons in Paris.


Life is short, eat dessert first!

So I have been trying to master the famous french delight the tasty little morsel that is the macaron for what seems like forever!

Since being in france and eating way to many I decided it was time to learn once and for all.

A French Pastry Chef showed me the method using Italian Merigune which I had not tried before, and the secret that I feel also solved a lot of my issues, using powdered food coloring!

These little tips have seen success each time I have made them since!

I went to Paris for the weekend attending a 2hr class even to master these.

While in Paris I learnt about the history of the Macaron and Pierre Herme, The Macaron Master!

He has created some many delicious and crazy flavour combonations

I set about searching for one of his stores to get my hands on the savoury samples,

My favourtie would have to be the truffle blanc, as it was just amazing.

I ate them so quickly that I completely forgot to take a picture before i devoured them!!

I did manage though to get a few snaps of my own creations!



In the Class we choose some bright and dramatic colors!

We made a Chocolate Ganache and Lemon curd as the fillings.

They were truly delicious, especially the next day for breakfast!

The Best Recipe that I have found yet is one I discovered on another blog called The Baker Chick. The inspiration for the paris weekend and class I owe to this blog.

So hopefully if your attempting to master these tasty treats, these little tit bits will help you achieve success!

Happy Baking.

Cupcake x



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