Weekend Delights

So Long Weekends or even Friday to Sunday night adventures are so much fun!!


Living in the south of france means its super easy to pop over to London or Barcelona for weekend getaways that make you feel amazing!!


I adore London and the amazing food and the vibe that comes with it.

Every time I go I visit Peter Gordons restaurant The Providores and Tapa Room, I did a stage here for a week prior to the Olympic games, Loved the place, the food the energy and just everything about the place.

The last time I went i also explored some new exciting places like LIMA which was probably some of the best Octopus i’ve eaten in my life!!

Seriously AMAZING! its a peruvian style restaurant that does it right!

next was a  place called Pidgin, also amazing run by one of the Masterchef contestants.

smaller place but again delicious food done very well.

Pachamama was the last call before the flight back to france, I love the style, no advertising, they work on word of mouth, this I like, the food was made with love, tapas style plates and the staff very so helpful in choosing dishes to make sure i enjoyed the experience and got to see the best of what they do!

London as always I love you and cant wait to return for the next weekend of eating!!!

until next time.

cupcake xx



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