Quinoa power salad.


This salad is absolutely loaded with goodness.

I have quite a few vegetarian crew so I’m trying to make sure the salads at lunch are loaded with goodness to keep the tummy happy and get them through the day.

What your going to need here:

I took 1/4 of a butternut squash, peeled diced and roasted in the oven with olive oil salt and pepper.

1 cup cooked white or any colour quinoa

2 ears of cooked corn removed from the husk (used left overs from dinner)

1.5 cup cooked edamame beans

2 handfuls of kale leaves broken up into bite size pieces, I sautéd this off in a pan with lemon juice and olive oil, crack of salt and pepper.

8 cherry tomatoes cut in half, can also toss these in the pan with the kale if you wish.

lemon juice of 2 lemons – 1 for the kale 1 for the salad mix.

olive oil

salt and pepper

Basically you take all of the above ingredients that are already cooked and gently toss together in a bowl season with salt an pepper and drizzle with some of the lemon olive oil.

Can be served warm or cold.

Simple yet effective and loaded with goodness.

Can also substitute any left over vegetables  you have around.


Any questions please do get in touch.

Love Cupcake xx


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