London Town




As much as you can

As far as you can

As long as you can

Life’s not meant to lived in one place.


I LOVE this quote and Ottolenghi the restaurant in London where this food pic came from.

I stop by London all the time, well,  whenever I get the chance and I normally always make some time to swing by and just be inspired and sit amongst the other diners at the Notting hill table… theres something about being amongst other travellers or maybe just some business people out to lunch that just provoke thought about all sorts of topics.


On my recent visit to Ottolenghi while enjoying a delicious cheesecake with a flat white an elderly gentle man came in, he looked a bit flushed and lost,  he was in a suit and carrying a handful of letters and newspapers.

He asked the lady behind the counter if he could speak to her as she seemed to have a warmth about her he claimed, he explained that he had dementia and was meant to be meeting some friends for lunch but couldn’t see them, he showed her the envelopes explaining that he lived around the corner and would be back soon, if she saw this man and his son to tell them he would be right back………….. I never saw this man with the son or the man in the suit come back in again in the time I was sitting there, maybe it was just the way he was thinking that day. I hope one of them at least enjoyed some coffee and cake as I feel they are missing out other wise!


So if your ever in London Town and have yourself some extra time, get to Ottolenghi and enjoy some of the deliciousness they have on offer and see what tales you pick up while sat amongst the daily newspapers and other punters.


Enjoy. Cupcake. x




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