Barcelona Weekend.

I LOVE Barcelona from the very first time I arrived!

seriously delicious food and so much to see and do!

I have some amazing friends that now call this city home so I’m very lucky to be able to visit for weekends and explore new and exciting places!

The last time i went we visited a place called “eat street”

basically a food truck stall…thing in a big old warehouse area!

I was pretty much living the foodie dream! once we got some tokens and through the line!

there was sunshine, beer, amazing food and fabulous company.

I had been shopping earlier and brought a 50mm lens for my camera so was super excited to take photos!

you’ll see some here in this post.


What I love most about Barcelona is the vibe and the food, tapas are so my style, i love sharing and trying it all! unless i love it then i wont share and you can order your own!!

small plates shared in the middle of the table are my kinda eating, talking, enjoying all together.

I hope you get to visit one and can see for yourself the magic that Barcelona has.

Husta luego

Cupcake x



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