Basic white bread

This recipe is very easy and totally do able by hand!

Who doesn’t love cheesy bread rolls with lunch?

I had played around with this a lot adding cheese on top, jalapeños through the mix, sun-dried tomatoes through the mix also. Th options are kinda endless really!

So what your going to need is:

3 tsp active yeast

2 Tbsp castor sugar

2/3 cup – 160ml warm water

whisk these 3 ingredients together and set aside for 10 mins and let them dance together until they become frothy.

Next your going to place the following in a mixer bowl of your stand mixer or a regular mixing bowl and knead by hand.

2 1/2 cup white bread flour

1 tsp salt

30 g melted butter

1/2 cup milk

place the flour and salt in your bowl of choice still in the butter and the milk yeast mix mix to a stiff dough knead for about 10 mins.

These only have 1 prove so shape into buns or place into your loaf tin and leave to prove for up to 1 hr.

Then bake in a pre heated oven to 200’c for 12-15mins, depending  on your oven.



This is the loaf I made with freshly chopped jalapeños through it and baked with cheese on top! Delicious!



any questions please get in touch

Happy bread baking.

love always

cupcake xx


2 thoughts on “Basic white bread

  1. Hi Jackie About to make this. What if you don’t have bread flour. I have plain and hi-grade flour. Any suggestions?

    Hope you are okay and keeping well.



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